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Theremin - Barbara Buchholz
mezzo soprano - Annette Koch
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A new experience of music! The Theremin - the oldest electronical instrument - was developed by the Rrussian Leon Thermen in the 1920s. It is played touchless, only through the manipulation of the electric fields around two antennas. The sound it produces is spheric, almtost not from this world. It reminds closest of a violin or even human voice. The repertoirs of Barbara Buchholz includes the classical literatur (from Bach to Debussy), Jazz as well as contemporary and her own compositions. For her own music BB developed together wirh Jan Krause the MIDI-Theremin with which she can reproduce samples and fascinating collages of sound.

"Die Lotusblume" [mp3 : 1,5 MB]

"Besame Mucho" [mp3 : 1,8 MB]

"Coyote" [mp3 : 1,8 MB]